The plane at the center of the Multiverse, the so-called "Song of Dominia," is the sprawling plane of Dominaria. Dominaria is so vast and its history so rich that even its own veteran storytellers hardly know where to begin.

Physically, Dominaria is a spherical world, significantly larger than Earth, with about 2.5 times the surface area of the earth.

Dominaria houses scores of famous locations, from the volcanic continent of Shiv, to the time-shattered isle of Tolaria, to the dark, wretched island of Urborg. The continent of Aerona contains a rich variety of terrains, from the cold mountains of Keld to the wide plains of the enduring kingdom of Benalia. To the south, the huge continent of Jamuraa features jungles, deserts, and everything in between. Dominaria is also dotted with many hundreds of smaller islands, including the Spice Isles, the Burning Isles, and countless others.

This plane is the birthplace of the brothers Urza and Mishra, master artificers who discovered ancient stones of power in the Caves of Koilos. Each desired the other's stone, and in their lust for power the brothers waged a savage war against each other that devastated Dominaria and plunged the plane into an ice age.

The end of the Brothers' War led to Urza's discovery of the dark plane of Phyrexia, a hell of flesh, metal, and grease where the lines between the living and the artificial were blurred to nothingness. Phyrexia had corrupted Urza's brother Mishra as part of its plan to conquer Dominaria, and Urza began a millennia-long plan to thwart Phyrexia and its lord and master, Yawgmoth.

Dominaria is also the origin of the skyship Weatherlight and its crew. The famous flying vessel contained ancient magical technology from the long-dead Thran Empire—technology that enabled the ship and its crew to planeswalk. The Weatherlight, its crew of heroes, and a collection of artifacts called the Legacy were all instrumental in thwarting the invasion of Dominaria by the hellish plane of Phyrexia.

One continent of Dominaria, Otaria, was relatively intact after the ravages of the Phyrexian Invasion. It was here that the barbarian-mage Kamahl sought glory in the pit fights of the notorious Cabal. Instead he found a much greater conflict—one fueled by an orb that could amplify magic and the desires of its wielder: the Mirari.

Because of its place at the core of the Multiverse, Dominaria was also the epicenter of the temporal-planar fractures that threatened the Multiverse itself. A host of cataclysms, many caused by planeswalkers themselves, had left Dominaria desolated and had destabilized the fabric of the Multiverse itself. The damage to time and space spread outward from Dominaria to affect other planes, and only the intervention of a handful of powerful planeswalkers mended the rifts in Dominaria and restabilized the Multiverse itself.

Countries and Realms of Dominaria

Geographical Features on Dominaria

NameGeography Type
Karplusan MountainsForest
Mtenda PlainPlain
Shadowblood RidgeMountain
Uktabi JungleJungle

Cities on Dominaria

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