Domri Rade is a young Ravnican native who had an exhilarating spark ignition, escaping a Gruul burying ritual by planeswalking to Alara and then returning to Ravnica. As one of the youngest known Planeswalkers, Domri has only recently begun to come to terms with the consequences of planeswalking - the strange looks, the overwhelming thrill of options, the realization that explaining the experiences he's been through will make others think he's mad. Currently, Domri is in an impressionable state, hoping for a new venture to crash into and explore.

"Other guilds say the Gruul are savages, no better than the beasts we live with. I say we've found friends who won't stab us in the back." -Domri Rade (Predator's Rapport)

"Roots, ruins, and room to fight. All the comforts of home." -Domri Rade (Stomping Ground)

Domri Rade

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