Doom locusts, also called hungerbabies, are harbingers of doom and destruction that appear throughout the lands of Ravenloft. They have the form of large locusts with the features of small children and wings of stained glass. Their heads are those of infants with compound eyes and powerful mandibles. They have six legs, two of which are the withered arms of young children, and the remainder being thorned, insectile legs. Individually, the call of a doom locusts sounds very much like the weeping of children, but collectively, these cries unite as a great voice chanting Doom, doom. These creatures descend in great swarms upon places that are doomed. The destruction that follows is not caused by the doom locusts, but by an outside source, be it famine, war, or other form of destruction. The doom locusts are not the cause of doom, but rather, the symptom.

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