Serkan crafted his own Harbingers, each carrying a prophecy of apocalypse. They are also known as the False Prophets

"These words are for your Eternal Circle. K`thir will rot; its trees will starve and die of thirst. The noble elves will turn against each other, drawing blades against each other. The Eternal Circle will be broken." - Doombringer of K'thir

"These words are for the Finlord. Your marshes will dry up. Not even the Nora will save you from draught and famine. You will suffer a fate worse than Valdac. Your dried corpses will lay in a desert." - Doombringer of Forglar

"These words are for your King. The dwarves cannot hide forever. Their hunters will descend upon their mighty Stronghold. Their screams will echo off its impervious stone. This Stronghold will be your tomb." - Doombringer of Ironfist

"These words are for the Frostqueen. The Jakei will continue to perish, until the last is left to die alone in the frozen expanse. Their allies will not be there to see this. The halls of J`thir will remain lifeless, for eternity." - Doombringer of the Tundra

"These words are for the Darkbringer. Your kingdom will unravel, with time. Your loyal servants will fall deaf to your commands. And when you are undone, by the Utterdark, it will be a moment so quickly forgotten." - Doombringer of Elsarin

"These words are for Maxxarek. Your dominion will dwindle and die. Your rivers will run cold and harden into rock. Your subjects will turn on your throne. Sheoul will fall silent." - Doombringer of the Underdepths

"These words are for your Queen. The Cyclops Empire will rise again. Your slaves will break their bonds and turn against you. No Voil is safe. And when you are dead, they will turn against each other as they always have." - Doombringer of the Peaks

"These words are for your Draksar Lord. Your proud kingdom will be swallowed in darkness. Your weapons will break on the skin of your adversaries. The mighty Valdac is dying." - Doombringer of the Sundered Lands

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