This article is about a type of demon. For other uses, see Doomguard (disambiguation).

Once they served Archimonde; now they serve any who can control them.

These doomguards assissted Mannoroth in his siege at Zin-Azshari. (Doomguard Devastator)

"Powerful and deliberate, these winged aberrations are known across the cosmos for their brutality." - Exodar Holographic Emitter (Doomguard Invader)

"There's no mistaking the sound of those horrible wings - the sound of doom approaching." - Xander Blackcrow (Doomguard Soldier)

Noted Doomguard (Warcraft)s

ZaakuulDoom CommanderWarcraft
Zalekorthe FerociousWarcraft

Doomguard Soldier

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