Joseph Herlech found his way to the Dorado Realm through sheer force of will in 1933. Discard all Realms when Joseph enters play. No new Realms may be played while Joseph is in play. Only 1 Joseph Herlech may be played per game. (Joseph Herlech) Any Gaia pack may use this Realm. As long as it is in play, any attacks declared against any members of the pack controlling the Dorado Realm are considered challenges and may be declined as such. Your pack may only have one Realm in play at a time. Only one Dorado Realm may be played per game. This card can be discarded to remove the Dorado Realm or El Dorado from play at any time. There can never be more than 1 Conquistador's sword played per game. Only one Conquistador's Sword may be played per game. (Conquistador's Sword)

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