In the dark and bloody years of the God Wars, while the lands of RuneScape were awash with the bickering of petty gods, a single tribe of goblins fled from battle and were swallowed by the soil. These Dorgeshuun, as they call themselves, were content to spend the rest of time in the caverns beneath the surface, without having to worry about when the next deity would declare war.

Things might have stayed this way - the Dorgeshuun below and Lumbridge above - until the goblins stumbled into Lumbridge Castle's cellar. Now there is no turning back the tides of diplomacy, and they have opened their gates to the humans that prove themselves friendly.

Dorgesh-Kaan is hidden deep in the caverns beneath Lumbridge. The average adventurer will naturally arrive through the Cave Goblin Mines. Of course, those who choose to spend a bit more time looking about will discover that there is a fairy ring in the caves to the south of the city.

Despite its long separation from the societies that live on the surface of RuneScape, the cave goblins have developed a massive city, fitted with all the shops and utilities that these friendly creatures need to support themselves. Of special note is the use of their strange magic to light the city with glowing spheres.

The common Dorgeshuun foods are sold by traders in the market, while the goblin gourmets are more than eager to start enjoying the delicacies from the surface. If you want to make a few coins, you might like to consider taking some of your own food down and offering it for sale, although you will need to get permission from the Council first. To get permission, simply have a chat to the marketplace head, who will tell you which member of the council you need to speak to.

Some of the traders offer special equipment of cave goblin devising, most notable of which is the frog-leather armour, available from Reldak.

The Dorgeshuun devotion to peaceful pastimes can be seen especially clearly in the presence of a large school in the upper level. Here, Mernik teaches her charges the history of their civilisation and aims to imbue them with the peacefulness that distinguishes the cave goblins from their barbaric cousins on the surface.

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