Dorvesh have the upper body of a dwarf and the lower body of a donkey. Their donkey hindquarters are covered with coarse hair which varies from light brown to black. The dwarven upper half is usually well-muscled and earthy brown. They retain the full beards of their dwarven cousins.

Dorvesh clans are distrustful of outsiders, but they are not overly aggressive. They will fight only to defend themselves or their homesteads. When not expecting combat, dorvesh wear simple tunics of rough leather or hide; otherwise, they wear chain mail vests and carry shields. They wear their hair long and braided to keep it out of the way when they work in the mines.

Since dorvesh avoid contact with other races as much as possible, they speak only their own dialect of dwarvish. Anyone who speaks dwarvish has a 75% chance to understand the dorvesh dialect.

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