Dosan is the oldest living kannushi on Kamigawa; perhaps the most revered monk.

"The land grows only where the kami will it." -Dosan the Falling Leaf (Kodama's Reach)

"I have been gifted by the kami with long life. So far, they have not seen fit to withdraw their gift. There may yet be a way to stop the killing without more blood, human or kami, being spilled." -Dosan the Falling Leaf (Joyous Respite)

Each time wanderers entered the forest seeking enlightenment, Dosan was there, waiting for them to arrive. (Humble Budoka)

"The race is run in the mind before the first step is taken." -Dosan the Falling Leaf (Enshrined Memories)

"All things return to their beginnings. The waters that spill across the Kamitaki Falls flow to sea, only to be returned to her as the rain that joins the mighty river." -Dosan the Falling Leaf (Stream of Consciousness)

"If wisdom is a river, then we cup our hands, reach in, and drink from it in sips. The kami, however, are like fish, swimming, breathing, surrounded in its presence." -Dosan the Falling Leaf (Ribbons of the Reikai)

Dosan's monks, deep in spiritual thought, could walk through the thickest of forests without leaving a mark, even the leaves beneath their feet unaffected by their passing. (Jukai Messenger)

Dosan sat in repose for many hours. He made no motion, no sound at all. And as he sat, nature revealed itself to him. (Glimpse of Nature)

"Today I asked Master Dosan what the ogre mages did with the humans they sacrificed. He gave me a hard look and said to think no more on the matter." -Meditation journal of young budoka (Distress)

As Dosan's chant grew in volume, a second, deeper voice rose up in harmony behind it, strong enough to shake the earth and yet vibrant enough to fill the spirit. (Dosan's Oldest Chant)

"Our own actions built the prisons that now hold us. Our hands reached too far and tried to hold too much." -Dosan the Falling Leaf (Cage of Hands)

"Each night as Master Dosan prays to the kami, the hate he receives in return withers his body a little more. Though the kami are slowly killing him, still he continues his prayers." -Meditation journal of a young budoka (Dosan the Falling Leaf)

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