Senior Consulate Inspector Dovin Baan possesses the ability to very clearly see every flaw in any system or machine, predicting with startling accuracy how and when a system will fail. But his real power lies in his ability to revise the design and put right its flaws - or at least correct them to the point of near perfection. Dovin subscribes fully to the philosophy that nothing is perfect, and nothing can ever be perfect. But the Consulate is happy to settle for quite close. Under Dovin's watchful eye, injuries caused by Consulate devices have become extremely rare, and there has yet to be a recall on a device he has inspected. His innate ability to keep others safe is why the Consulate has put him in charge of inspection at the Inventors' Fair.

Dovin takes his job very seriously. He has identified and mitigated hundreds of hazards affecting the structural integrity of buildings, the designs of presentation platforms, the curvature of racetracks, and the sharpness of ribbon edges. He has even put into place a near-foolproof plan to prevent gremlin infestations. But recently, he has come up against an unexpected threat posed by a self-described renegade. Having exhausted nearly every resource on Kaladesh to counteract the renegade threat, Dovin sees no other choice but to reach outside his world and call on other Planeswalkers who have sworn to protect and defend: the Planeswalkers of the Gatewatch. In Ravnica, he has risen in the ranks of the Azorius Senate. He is the current Grand Arbiter(leader of the Azorius) and is under Nicol Bolas's control.

"Too much friction on your bearings, your countersinking is inconsistent, and there are lines in your casting. Dispose of it, and begin again." -Dovin Baan

"Give me eight walkers, I'll give you the city." -Dovin Baan

In the hold of the Heart of Kiran, Chandra answered Dovin Baan's sabotage with an explosive retort.

Dovin Baan

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