The draconic trait describes creatures that have a dragon-like appearance, or are related to dragons. They may or may not be dragons themselves, but have significant dragon-like qualities. Draconic creatures are generally reptilian-looking.

Guide to Dragon Classification

The terminology for draconic creatures is a bit confusing. Here are the guidelines for dragons, as used in this wiki:

  • Dragon: Big, intelligent, breathes fire (or something else). Dragons usually have four limbs and wings, though there are some variations.
  • Dragon-folk: Race of dragon-like creatures, halfway between human and dragon. If the draconic creature uses tools or stands on two legs, it may be a dragon-folk (or one of the many dragon-folk subraces)
  • Drake: Smaller than dragons, but still large enough to be ridden. Drakes are typically not intelligent, and may or may not have breath weapons. They also have a more canine body shape than dragons (who have a more feline shape).
  • Dragonet: Small dragon that could sit on a person's shoulder. Generally, dragonets are intelligent, but may not be fully sentient.
  • Linnorm: Two-legged wingless dragon (originating from Norse myth). The body is frequently serpentine
  • Long: Chinese-style dragon, with four legs, no wings, and a serpentine body
  • Wyrm: Creatures with a serpentine body, draconic head and wings, but no other limbs.
  • Wyvern: Wyverns have a slender body, with wings but only two legs.

Draconic creatures with neither legs nor wings are considered either Wurms if they dwell primarily on land, or Sea Serpents if they dwell in the sea.

Creatures with draconic features, but not intelligent or magical may be actually Dinosaurs instead

Draconic Creatures

Atarka-Brood DragonTarkir
DracolichGeneral Fantasy
DragonGeneral Fantasy
Dragon EngineDominia
Dragon-folkGeneral Fantasy
DragonetGeneral Fantasy
DrakeGeneral Fantasy
Dromoka-Brood DragonTarkir
Earth Dragon (Lavato)Lavato
Elder Land WurmDominia
Kolaghan-Brood DragonTarkir
Lake SerpentMid Realms
LinnormGeneral Fantasy
Ojutai-Brood DragonTarkir
Rip DemonPoxnora
Silumgar-Brood DragonTarkir
Skywing (Poxnora)Poxnora
Space DragonGalactic Empires Universe
Tyrant (Ascension)New Vigil
WyrmGeneral Fantasy
WyvernGeneral Fantasy
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