Draga are highly sought after by wealthy merchants for their iron-will and uncompromising loyalty. as well as their somewhat intimidating stature.

"Wrongful acts against a Draga family are never forgotten..."

The Draga never forget the brutal subjugation of their people by the Daemons of Erebos.

"The Draga would use everything at their disposal to fight back; if you knocked their walls down, they would simply throw it at you"

With their civilization now scattered throughout the system, the Draga live almost nomadic lifestyles, typically travelling from one place to the next, looking for somewhere untouched by the daemons they can call home. When the nomads return from their soul-searching, they have two choices: the life of a warrior or the life of a recluse.

All Draga weapons are typically heavy, but their battle swords are specially weighted to inflict a fatal blow. Draga War Shields are passed down from father to son in every generation.

"For 30 days and 30 nights the beast has eluded me. This is no ordinary prey, but I am no ordinary hunter, for I am a Draga" - Memoirs of the hunter.

"The Draga tend to fly high above the clouds for a very good reason"

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