The Dragons are a loosely organized bunch of heroes who recently stumbled into the Secret War. They've met the other factions, and decided that they really don't want to let the world be reshaped in those images, so they're kicking butt to save the rest of us from a fate we don't even know about yet. Nice of them, huh? They're a rag-tag bunch from all walks of life - cops, Kung Fu masters, average Joes. Even some folks who've seen the error of their ways and left their evil organizations to fight for right. They've built up an amazing list of enemies in a short period of time. They rely on luck, determination, and the sheer rightness of their cause to prevail.


Alexandre ChenRedeemed Monster HunterHuman
Amanda SnowDoctorHumanRogue
Bao ChouGhost
Bei TairongHuman
Big MackHuman
Concourse GodardHuman
David MaxwellThe NemesisHuman
Dirk WiselyHuman
Doctor ShenDoctorHuman
Golden GunmanMagic HeroHuman
Gus AndropolousHuman
Hiro AsatakaHuman
Hoosegow JacksonHuman
Iala ManéHumanMonk
Iron Jim ColsonOne-Man GangHuman
Isis FoxHuman
Jack DonovanHumanPolice
Jack HadesHuman
Jake MolloyCaptainHuman
Jason XBrainwashed Supersoldier
Redeemed Supersoldier
Jenny ZhengHuman
Joey PazHuman
John HaynesDoctorHuman
John TowerHuman
Johnny BadhairHuman
Johnny TsoHeroic GunmanHuman
Julienne WongHuman
Kar FaiKung Fu MasterHuman
Katie KincaidHuman
Lenny WuHumanPolice
Li HanHumanMonk
Li MaoYoung Master
Accidental Hero
LinMoon SorceressHuman
Little JimRebel Abomination
Mad Dog McCrounHuman
Melissa AgueleraHuman
Oscar BalbuenaHumanPolice
Serena KuAerie KeeperHuman
Shang BojingRebel LeaderHuman
Silver FistHuman
Silver JetSecret WarriorHuman
Six Bottles HwangHuman
Spirit of KongxiangsiGuardian GhostGhost
Steven WuZen GunmanHuman
Suong XaHuman
Swift EagleHumanWarrior
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