"Fewer witnesses. I like that."

"Take a breath…savor it…and then say farewell." - Dralor (Belt of Deep Shadow)

"The Burning Legion has no need for ammunition like cannonballs. The demons utilize far more potent weaponry." - Dralor (Fel Cannon)

"If you thought that Orcs were vicious, than you haven't seen anything yet." -Dralor (Swift Timber Wolf)

"At least cover it with leaves or something, Azarak. It's like you're not even trying." - Dralor (Disarm Trap)

"It can be hard to keep a clear head in the heat of battle." -Dralor (Hood of the Exodus)

"Its bottomless pockets have enough space for anything your heart desires." - Dralor (Don Alejandro's Money Belt)

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