Draukari, the realm of the kobold deity Kurtulmak, is a snaking network of tunnels and catacombs filled to bursting with fiendish kobolds. Blood seeps from the surface above and drops down onto the inhabitants, covering their skins completely. This ghastly lubricant helps them writhe and wriggle through the mass of fellow fiends more effectively.

Because they are free from hunger here, kobolds consider Draukari an absolute paradise. Periodically, however, the overcrowding becomes intolerable even for them, and a fiendish civil war ensues. Such a conflict culls out the weakest of the fiends and gives the strongest some momentary breathing room. However, given the vast population of kobolds in the multiple worlds of the Material Plane, it is never long before Draukari fills up once again.

Draukari’s hideous reptilian stench can overwhelm non-kobolds as soon as they enter its claustrophobic passageways.

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