Draynor Village is a charming little town, if rather odd. The citizens are...eccentric. This is no surprise, however, as the town has long been dominated by the dark and menacing shape of Draynor Manor. Draynor Manor, unlike Draynor Village, has little to cheer a traveller, and less to recommend it as a nice place to sleep. Unwary campers in Draynor Manor's grounds might just wake to find a pair of neat holes in their neck where their skin was once unblemished.

The manor's haunted rooms are filled with ghosts and creaking floorboards. Chairs come to life and follow adventurers about the house; trees and vines lash out at people as they walk past; there are hidden passages behind bookshelves; a possibly mad scientist conducts his experiments on the top floor.

The Draynor region, like its population, has a weird variety to offer. In less unusual terms, though, there are a number of farms nearby, some nice woods for chopping down trees, and a few farms scattered about, including one in the shadows behind Draynor Manor solely for the purposes of growing nightshade.

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