To the Abzan, Dromoka is the only dragon worthy of admiration. Dromoka and her brood have breath like a ray of searing light, but their greatest strength is their armored hide: even the heaviest weapons shatter uselessly off their impenetrable scales.

Dromoka and her brood were drawn to the hot, sunny region where the Abzan settled.

Her body is about the size of a school bus

"The bane of countless shattered weapons, each a failure to slay her." -Daghatar the Adamant

Dragonlord Dromoka

The dragonlord Dromoka is, in equal measure, a merciful and imperious leader. An ancient and powerful dragon, she has earned every inch of the territory she commands. In battle, she does not hesitate to unleash her breath weapon, a beam of scouring light, to obliterate those who dare stand against her. Thanks to her many years spent enduring the harsh desert climate, she has learned the patience of a survivalist. She believes that the other, lesser clans will wither and fall eventually, and that only those under her protection will be strong enough to endure.

Dromoka is closely involved in the affairs of her clan. She frequently roams her territory, communicating with her draconic overseers and the highest among their underlings. If she finds the state of an aerie to be satisfactory, she flies on. Should she find weakness, however, she does not stand for it. If possible, she will attempt to rectify the situation; if not, she will summarily devour the weak link. Either way, when she departs, the clan will be better equipped for survival.

Dromoka has regard for the humans who serve under her. In return for her protection, they obey with steadfast loyalty, acting as weapons for her and her scalelords against the other clans.

"Your bravery honors us all." -Dromoka, translated from Draconic

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