Earth elementals are elementals composed of earth and stone. They tend to be the physically toughest of elementals, but are slow.

Earth elementals have the eternal strength of stone and the endurance of mountains. Primordially connected to the land they inhabit, they take a long-term view of things, scorning the impetuous haste of short-lived mortal creatures. Its voice has the tremor of deafening thunder, its blow the force of an avalanche.

The gods have made their own construct to protect us, and I will gladly accept their help. - King Rugolth

It is not uncommon for the Earth to grow angry. Let us give thanks that it is on our side. - Rugolth

Noted Earth Elementals

Genesis (Castle Age)Earth ElementalCastle Age
GrumbarEarth ElementalKing of the Land Below the Roots
MorchokEarth ElementalWarcraft
OgremochEarth ElementalPlanescape
TherazaneEarth Elementalthe StonemotherAzeroth
VoragoEarth ElementalGielinor

Subtypes and Variants

Boulder BruteEntrath
Earth MyrmidonDungeons and Dragons Settings
Earth ServantDominia
Grave ElementalRavenloft
Miner's BaneDominia
Mjorn Earth ElementalTowers in Time
Rockslide ElementalDominia
Rumblestone ElementalSolis
Rumbling ElementalAzeroth
Sand HillThe World (dot Hack)
Sandstone RumblerEntrath
Stalking QuarryEntrath

Earth Elemental (10E), Earth Elemental (BloodRealm), Earth Elemental (Hearthstone), Earth Elemental

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