The Eldrazi are nightmarish, titanic, ætheric creatures native to the Blind Eternities. They exist only to feed, and they feed on the energy of worlds: mana energy, life energy, spell energy, natural energy. Thousands of years ago, three Eldrazi monstrosities descended on Zendikar, drawn by the plane's fierce and primal mana. They spawned entire subraces of minor Eldrazi, called "brood lineages," to help them pillage and consume, and proceeded to lay waste to the plane.

In their quest to uncover ancient treasures, Planeswalkers have awakened the Eldrazi—parasitic titans of the Æther, imprisoned on Zendikar for thousands of years. Seemingly unstoppable, these world-eaters threaten the entire Multiverse, and their very presence has changed Zendikar.

Eldrazi are incomprehensibly alien, and their mental processes are unfathomable. Only the Eldrazi mind thinks in the warped paths required to open the Zendikar hedrons and tap the power within. The barest taste of Eldrazi power shatters both realms and identities.

The eldrazi titans are native to the Blind Eternities. Once they arrive on a plane to devour its energies, they spawn brood lineages of lesser Eldrazi that spread out and multiply. The brood lineages aren’t capable of moving on to the next plane as the Eldrazi titans are. Each brood lineage has a characteristic look that follows the look of its progenitor, including visual cues, skin textures, and themes.

Noted Eldrazis

EmrakulEldrazithe Aeons TornDominia
KozilekEldraziButcher of Truth
The Great Distortion
UlamogEldrazithe Infinite Gyre
the Ceaseless Hunger

Subtypes and Variants

Artisan of KozilekDominia
Bane of Bala GedZendikar
Barrage TyrantZendikar
Bearer of SilenceZendikar
Benthic InfiltratorZendikar
Birthing DroneZendikar
Blight HerderZendikar
Blinding DroneZendikar
Breaker of ArmiesZendikar
Brood ButcherZendikar
Brood MonitorZendikar
Catacomb SifterZendikar
Conduit of RuinZendikar
Cryptic CruiserZendikar
Culling DroneZendikar
Cultivator DroneZendikar
Deathless BehemothZendikar
Deceiver of FormZendikar
Deepfathom SkulkerZendikar
Desolation TwinZendikar
Dimensional InfiltratorZendikar
Dominator DroneZendikar
Dread DefilerZendikar
Dread DroneDroneDominia
Drowner of Hope
Dust StalkerZendikar
Eldrazi AggressorZendikar
Eldrazi DevastatorZendikar
Eldrazi DisplacerZendikar
Eldrazi MimicZendikar
Eldrazi ObligatorZendikar
Eldrazi SkyspawnerZendikar
Eldrazi Spawn of EmrakulDominia
Eldrazi Spawn of KozilekDominia
Eldrazi Spawn of UlamogDominia
Emrakul's HatcherDroneDominia
Endless OneZendikar
Essence DepleterZendikar
Eyeless WatcherZendikar
Fathom FeederZendikar
Flayer DroneZendikar
Forerunner of SlaughterZendikar
Gravity NegatorZendikar
Hand of EmrakulDominia
Havoc SowerZendikar
Herald of KozilekZendikar
Immobilizer EldraziZendikar
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Harmless Assault, Inquisition of Kozilek, Oust, Skittering Invasion

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