Eldrazi spawn squirmy, underdeveloped, mana-infused pupa. Eldrazi spawn are small - mere infants compared to the Brobdingnagian monstrosities they serve - but they serve an important role to the brood lineage. By some unknown process, greater Eldrazi can store consumed energy in their spawned underlings and then hatch greater Eldrazi by consuming the spawn in turn.

Each lineage has its own form of eldrazi spawn. The spawn of the Kozilek lineage are squat, insectile, multi-eyed creatures that skitter on crablike limbs. These spawn exhibit swarming behaviors that mimic ant or termite colonies. Adventurers have discovered entire dungeons crawling with Kozilek spawn, which often precedes the emergence of new, even more horrible greater Eldrazi.

Eldrazi Spawn of Kozilek

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