Loosely corresponding to Emeria, the wind goddess of the merfolk, Emrakul is the largest and most fearsome of the Eldrazi. It causes silent terror wherever it soars, embodying desolation, emotional and physical distance, the chill of the void, and the terror of being alone.

Emrakul's presence warps the living, both physically and mentally. Creatures mutate, and the mutations frequently exhibit a latticework, tentacles, or Emrakul's distinctive coloration (pinkish-purple). Its presence also causes insanity.

Wordlessly it leads its abhorrent brood. (Emrakul's Hatcher)

"Emeria is a pleasant lie, a figment to hide Emrakul's hideous face. I can only hope to uncover a truth that lies deeper still." (Merfolk Skyscout)

"I believed in a beautiful god. But this is the true face of the divine." -Ayli, Kamsa cleric (Hand of Emrakul)

The brood lineage spawned from Emrakul, the Aeons Torn has several hallmarks. The first and most recognizable is the spongy, fleshy latticework built into the anatomy of these creatures. These incomprehensible structures—sort of a cross between whale baleen and the cell wall structures of calcified plants—exist for no known purpose. Some merfolk scholars have speculated that the lattice somehow allows the Emrakul lineage to bend gravity more powerfully than the other lineages.

Eldrazi of the Emrakul lineage also bear otherworldly color schemes, merging deep blues with crusty ochres and shocking magentas. This odd coloration is common to most Eldrazi, as their once-astral forms are thought to reflect Zendikar's light in unnatural ways, but the effect is especially prominent in the Emrakul lineage.

Another visual cue of the Emrakul lineage is the thin, ropy, tentacular growths that end in fingerlike or clawlike projections. Emrakul-lineage creatures use these growths to snare or bind their prey before ingesting their living energies, but they may also give rise to less obvious powers or senses.

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