The faeries of the Vendilion clique—Veesa, Endry, and Iliona—were as inseparable as any mischievous fae could be. But now, as Endry spends more and more time with the sapling, he’s grown to see things from the treefolk’s cyclical, long-lived point of view, which in turn has caused to him to grow distant from his petulant sisters. The events of Eventide will put him in the uncomfortable position of taking a stand not only against his beloved clique, but against his very queen.

Endry was determined to teach his groundlings a few winged-faerie tricks. (Groundling Pouncer)

Maralen sent Veesa, Endry, and Iliona -the Vendilion clique -on the gravest of tasks. (Maralen of the Mornsong)