Eos is one of the Inner Three nations of Bant, along with Akrasa and Topa. In normal times, their relations are good, but since Jhess and Valeron went to war, the Inner Three have become embroiled in conflict as well. Compared to the more chaotic style of conflict practiced by the coastal nations, war among the Inner Three is a thing of forms and rituals, carefully timed marches of vast infantry units, and long speeches before battles.

Eos is nominally Valeron's ally, due more to their own disputes with Topa than any particular affinity for the Valeronians. The rulers of Eos possess ancient documents that they feel give them claim to several ancient watering holes in Topa, a claim that Topa steadfastly denies. Eos is home of the Olive Branch, a knightly order that seeks to broker peace and smooth the relations between all the nations of Bant. However, all attempts by the knights of the Olive Branch to mediate the dispute between Eos and Topa have failed.

At his side, humble beasts become weapons more deadly than sharpened steel. (Ranger of Eos)

The strength of Bant's caste system is the unfailing loyalty of its meekest members. (Knight-Captain of Eos)