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Eridani are methane breathing humanoids. They hold martial prowess in highest regard, and have built their society to reflect many of the rituals associated with their warrior art.

An Eridani warrior is the epitome of a combat tactician. He possesses supreme agility, exceptional willpower, and is quite cunning. Eridani warriors specialize in combat skills, most notably archaic hand weapons, eventually earning the title Swordsaint. Eridani warriors study Kaush-mukal (The study of the Inner Self). Certain Eridani are chosen at birth to fulfill the honorable status of Mokaba Datu, (Wisdom Warrior). They are taken from their cribs and raised by the Buddon Priests who are former Mokaba Datu. In life, the Buddon Priests had reached the highest level of internal knowledge, Rota Mabiki (Supreme Peace) and the most powerful of Buddon ranks are chosen to become the caretakers of the future. Under the tutelage of the Buddon Priest, the young Mokaba Datu learns the basic tactics of honorable survival. He is taught the fundamentals of archaic hand weapons combat, drilling every day for hours, until he passes a fundamental competence test in his chosen weapon.

Once the Mokaba Datu has mastered the fundamentals, he begins the arduous task of finding Goyoo-Mabiki (Silent Peace). Through long hours of meditation, under the supervision of his master, the Kimikasou (young warrior) seeks to harness this elusive power of the inner self. Kimikasous are raised in a spartan martial school, where their constant companion is their chosen weapon. His daily regimen consists of intensive combat training. Once he has attained peace within himself, he has customized armor built for himself, and carries an archaic hand weapon of his choice wherever he goes.

Once past the Right of Initiate, an Eridani swordsaint advances from Kimikasou to Budaish. To mark this honor, Budaish wear the traditional blood-red mohawk. Budaish walk the Path of Truth, through honorable battle. A Budaish with 25 verified and honorable kills becomes a Budaish-Thralek. They are granted permission to enter the Buddon temples. There, they may study at the feet of the Buddon Masters and travel further along the Path of Truth.

The Buddon Priests have developed a variety of powered melee weapons, such as the Energy Mace.