Statuesque, smart, and sensual, Erin Darkflame Montgomery is no helpless doxy. She's a complete person, and being a woman hasn't made her any less capable of dealing with the seductions, intrigues, intellectualism, and dangers of Sigil. Though she's no more than average height, the combination of inner fire, lively green eyes, and short auburn hair make her more than unforgettable. Yet for one so striking, she shows little of the vanity folks associate with good looks.

Erin Darkflame Montgomery was born and raised on the Outlands, in the realm of Tir na Og. There, her philosophical bent, psionic talent (discovered at an early age), and good heart led her to become of a priestess of Diancecht, the Celtic god of healing. For many years of her youth she served the god well, curing all who came to her. She didn't choose friend or foe, being only concerned with the hurt and suffering of others. That view suited well the plane's view of balancing good and evil, order and chaos.

It was in the aftermath of a Blood War raid that her peaceful life began to unravel. It started when a tanar'ri high-up figured a feint through the Outlands was a good idea. Well, the leatherhead was wrong. The folks of the Outlands managed to take the fiend's plan and pike it, but the problem wasn't over. Renegade tanar'ri escaped into the plane and some of these raiders hit Erin's burg. Although the locals won the battle, the injured taxed Erin's healing powers so much that when the wounded fiends were finally brought to her, she could do no more. Several of them died, including Za'rafas, a favorite of one of the Abyssal Lords. Those fiends who returned to the Abyss blamed her for Za'rafas's death, and she became their scapegoat. Now she had a sworn enemy in the layers of the Abyss, one who in fits of melancholy occasionally sent assassins in Za'rafas's memory.

Fearing for the safety of her village, Erin took to adventuring far from home. Gods only know where she wandered, since the woman's pretty close-mouthed about it, but somewhere she earned the right to use the title, Lady Montgomery of the Skylarian Knights. She's also hinted at her hatred of the Pax Imperica - probably some empire she encountered on the Prime Material.

Finally, her wanderings brought her to the Cage. She became a Sensate there, as their views matched her wild wanderlust and passionate beauty (and she is beautiful). She wasn't an addle-coved hedonist, though, which is something that's destroyed more than one over-eager Sensate. She understood that experience meant more than pleasure, that sensing was the way to knowing. Erin learned quickly, progressing through a series of scholars, lovers, and chefs among other things. Her grace, beauty, and diplomatic skill didn't hurt in a quick rise to power, either.

Now Erin's the factol of the Sensates. Some say it's simply because she looks good for the part, but those who dismiss her like that are most likely bitter from dealings they've had with her, not to their liking. The woman's secure in her position, secure enough that she doesn't even bother with magical armor or other protections. She figures Sigil and her own reputation are protection enough. Reputation she's got, too: kind and loving one minute, a cold-willed blood the next. She's got the love of most of the Sensates to boot, so only a leatherhead'd ever try to pike her in a foul fight.