A human who has long ruled over the goblins of the Koskun Mountains, Eron is under an enchantment which allows him to recover from almost all forms of death - a useful ability in a king.

Eron the Relentless is a man of legend in the Homelands. He is a human enchanted by a spell that ensures that he will come back from almost any form of death. After performing a dangerous journey into the wastelands for a long-dead Wizard Savant, he was granted his wish - he chose eternal life, and has yet to regret it. On a side note, the spell that enchanted Eron was from a tome that Baron Sengir had given to the Wizard Savant as a bribe to "look the other way, once." Shortly after Eron was made into an immortal, the Wizard Savant disappeared - and thus another Wizard had to be found.

A thief and a rogue, a man of low moral standing, Eron is the current ruler of Koskun Keep, and the twenty seven assassinations he has experienced as ruler over the underground city has given him a habit for severity and extremity. The simple fact that he cannot be killed by an assassins blade keeps him on the Goblin throne, and his recent contacts with the organized thieves that escort the Trade Caravans to and from Koskun Keep make him invaluable. If Lord Eron were to vanish, the caravans would cease and the bandits loyal to him would ensure that no trader would ever reach Koskun Keep ever again - and thus many of the Goblins would likely starve. He is a cunning ruler, but an inexperienced immortal compared to the Dark Baron.

Lord Eron has also formed a Treaty with the Citizenship of Aysen. As long as Aysen provides traders free access and will sell food to the denizens of Koskun Keep, Lord Eron will ensure that the inhabitants of his castle will not invade and lay waste to Aysen. Lord Eron regulates the prices and quantity of trade goods, and makes sure that those traders who come into Koskun Keep are treated fairly and get good prices. Eron knows that under his rule, the humanoid population of the Koskun Mountains has quadrupled in just a few years, and that if he does not keep a firm command on all of the issues, his subjects just may well throw him down a mineshaft and set themselves to the task of declaring war against everybody they can get their knives into. While Eron can be a total bastard, he is also concerned with the future of all of the cultures of the Homelands, and his own place of power amongst them.

It is said that Baron Sengir would like to have Eron made loyal to him, but the ruler of Koskun Keep has "politely declined any invitations to Castle Sengir, and has no plans of visiting in the near future." Though he isn't comfortable doing trade from the Sengirian Villages, Eron knows that the villagers there would soon perish without the goods and necessities they get from the traders of Koskun Keep. Without Eron ruling Koskun Keep, it is likely that the Sengirian Villagers would die during the winter for lack of blankets, heating coal and food.

Eron has a great deal of tolerance for thieves, but he has sworn to someday slay Joven by his own hand, for the troublesome rogue has wronged and embarrassed Eron on a number of occasions. Eron has sworn that if he ever catches Joven on the wrong side of Strongrock, the stories of Joven's terrible death will far outweigh all the stories of Joven's life.

"Eron would be much less of a hassle if only he were mortal." -Reyhan, Samite alchemist

"Call it a cost of doing business. The best way to protect against thieves is to hire better thieves." -Eron the Relentless (Ambush Party)

"Joven, you're almost as good a thief as I. But Eron hates you even more." -Chandler

"If that thief Joven ever shows his head around here again, make sure he leaves without it." -Eron the Relentless

"There's no trade without trust." -Eron, the Relentless

"The people of Aysen feed us, and we don't kill them. That's my kind of truce." -Eron the Relentless