My destiny never lay with 'Din. It lay with Espera. (Dunti) Espera used to tell me that it gleamed like the fire in his heart. So I broke his leg. -Dalia (Silver Earring) He guides the Strange Skies on her course, chained to the wheel like a dog. But Dalia's dancing keeps him captive as no shackle can. you still love me, Espera...? (Dalia) He never speaks of the burns Espera gave him, or the way they were inflicted. (Edahgo) Petro was one of Kheired-Din's captive rowers, anonymous and abused, until Espera's escape gave him the chance to show his loyalty. (Petro Angelina) React: Play when a player moves into your Sea by using their Ship's Free Move. That player does not take their Action and play continues to the next player. Espera used his privileged status to sabotage every part of the Strange Skies. They wouldn't be following him, even with Kheired-Din's magic. (Nasty Bit 'o Luck) My name is not Espera; not anymore. (Ernesto Castillus)