A tale of Dominia

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The Weatherlight had emerged from the Death Pits and docked at Volrath's stronghold. They faced the daunting prospect of recovering all that Rath has taken from them: the Weatherlight's former captain, Sisay, and Starke's daughter, Takara; their captured companions Tahngarth and Karn; and the stolen pieces of the Legacy. Gerrard, Starke, Mirri, and Crovax begin their search of the stronghold while Hanna and the others stay with the ship.

Back at the portal, Ertai strikes a bargain with Lyna, the Soltari emissary: the Soltari will help the young wizard open the portal so the Weatherlight can escape; in return, he will hold it open long enough for them to also escape Rath and the half-life they endure there. As the seemingly amorphous Soltari begin to gather in preparation for their chance to escape their shadowy half-life on Rath, Lyna leaves the staging area and goes to tell the Weatherlight's crew what is happening and of the deal she struck with Ertai.

Outside the tunnel entrance to the stronghold, the imposing armies of the Kor and Dal have belatedly arrived and prepare to join the raid started by the Vec and the Skyshroud elves. Meanwhile, the elves and Vec are surrounded by an overwhelming army of Moggs and unable to make a strategic withdrawal. The Kor and Dal disrupt the battle and keep it from becoming a wholesale slaughter, but they, too are trapped in a desperate situation. The Kor, Vec and Dal realize that their only chance is to join together. Eladamri swears that he will lead them first to safety and then to victory. The other leaders pledge loyalty to Eladamri, and united, they break through the mogg line and escape to continue the fight another day.

Just as Lyna delivers her urgent message, Tahngarth, fresh from captivity, returns with the wounded Crovax and Mirri and delivers them to the ship's healer below decks. The minotaur quickly informs Hanna of the search party's new plan to rendezvous with the Weatherlight in Volrath's Gardens, then races back to rejoin the search party.

Unaware of the pain and torment below decks, Karn also returns to the Weatherlight, bearing the lost pieces of the Legacy that he recovered from the Sliver Queen. Among them is the Skyshaper, a powerful device that can boost the ship's Thran engine, giving it more speed and improving their chances for escape. She sends Karn to install the artifact so that it will be operational and ready when they need it.

The Weatherlight immediately sets sail for the Gardens, only to be attacked by the Predator. It tethers the Weatherlight with harpoon lines, but Hanna uses this against it, swerving into a series of daring turns to smash the larger ship against the stronghold's supports. Furious, Greven il-Vec orders the lines released to avoid further damage to the Predator, and the Weatherlight surges forward, free. However, Greven dispatches two ornithopters to harry the ship and maintain pursuit while he regains control of his ship. He quickly sails after the Weatherlight to prevent the crew from making their escape.

Sisay awakens in the Dream Halls to an abbreviated reunion with Gerrard. She tells him of Starke's betrayal and he briefs her on their situation en route to the garden rendezvous. When the Weatherlight arrives in the gardens, it is being harried by ornithopters and cannot take them on board.

The Weatherlight has a slight lead over the pursuing Predator. Hanna uses a Thran device to bring down one of the ornithopters, but the flaming wreckage crashes into the ship's hull and causes severe damage. The other swings close as the ship sails over the Gardens. In a furious rage, Tahngarth quickly scales a tall tree. With a wild cry, he leaps aboard the ornithopter, hurling the hapless mogg pilot to its death. Tahngarth drops onto the Weatherlight while the pilotless ornithopter spins out of control and crashes into the gardens.

Crovax, hideously transformed, is half-mad from voices calling inside his head. The last of his humanity drains from him; he staggers on deck, followed quietly by a suspicious Mirri. He climbs onto the mechanism that controls the ship's sails and begins clawing at it in attempted sabotage. Mirri hurls herself at him, and the pair tumble over the side of the ship to the Gardens below, fighting even as they fall.

Gerrard emerges from the trees and comes upon the duel between the injured cat warrior and mad noble. He sends the rest of his party to board the Weatherlight. But he is unable to intervene, however, an enraged Greven confronts him and a second lethal duel erupts . Faced with the impossible task of both defeating Greven and helping Mirri in time to escape, Gerrard breaks away from Greven and must make a horrible choice: attempt to help Mirri and risk both the Legacy and the entire crew's lives; or make for his ship, attempt an escape, and leave Mirri and Crovax to their shared fate. Agonized by his choice, he returns to the Weatherlight, with a furious Greven in pursuit.

The Weatherlight hurtles toward the canyon where the portal awaits. Close behind, Greven calls up the ground itself to block their progress, nearly ensnaring the Weatherlight in a wave of grasping flowstone tendrils. Hanna, on board the ship, triggers the Skyshaper, and Greven howls in fury as his prey streaks far ahead of him.

Ertai and the Soltari have successfully opened the portal, which now stands open and awaiting the Weatherlight. Boosted by the Skyshaper, the Weatherlight is little more than a blur as it roars through the open portal. The Soltari are picked up in its wake and drawn in behind like leaves in a strong wind.

The Predator also hurtles toward the portal at top speed. At the last instant, a powerful figure - Urza - gestures and the portal slams shut. The Predator is crippled when the warship cannot turn away in time. Ertai is stranded on the wrong side even as he makes good his crewmates' escape. He falls to the Predator's deck, where Greven now controls his fate.

Urza too contemplates his next move.

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