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A saturnine humanoid flashes a charming smile, exposing gleaming, pointed canine teeth. Its slick, tightly cropped hair drops down over its forehead in a widow’s peak, which is flanked by two tiny horns, like those of a baby goat. The creature wears luxurious, impeccably fashionable garments. Instead of feet, it possesses a formidable pair of cloven hooves. Its eyes glow red. A prehensile tail, covered in crimson scales, impatiently twitches from a long opening cut into the back of its fine outfit.

Falxugons, or harvester devils, are the seductive schemers of legend, undermining societies and exposing individuals to insidious temptations.

Falxugons win their victories through trickery, persuasion, and political intrigue. Though capable of defending themselves in a fight, they are perfectly willing to flee encounters with adventurers. If a fight is necessary to protect evidence of their activities from falling into virtuous hands, they will stand and do battle. Otherwise, they would rather slip out a back exit while invading adventurers are delayed by minions, summoned baatezu, or physical obstacles. Harvester devils frequently guard their treasures and secrets with clever mechanical traps.

Harvester Devil (T9H)