The Fated believe that the multiverse belongs to those who can hold it. Everyone makes his own fate; you’re a victim only if you allow it. A person is meant to succeed only if he pursues success with never-ending vigor. According to “takers” (as members of the Fated are called), anyone can be great, but greatness is not guaranteed. Hard work must come first, and follow after.

Takers belong to the Fated faction, which advocates, among other things, survival of the fittest. Some interpret the takers’ philosophy as “If you can take it and keep it, you were meant to have it,” but others see that as a simplistic view. Takers believe that success is not just the accumulation of physical comforts and conquering enemies by force. More than that, success is partly determined by the respect of others. With respect, simple happiness is a measure of success. For some, this road is reached by kindness without weakness, compassion without cowardice; for others with a more heartless outlook, happiness is gained only by depriving others of it.

The Fated have their headquarters, the Heartless Hall, on the first layer of Ysgard. This fortress is a single great citadel of stone and timber, rising like a mountain from the midst of a great forest.


Rowan DarkwoodDuke
Protector of the North
Guardian of the Great Glacier