Fatima al-Faqadi is a predator among predators. In life, this lethal Assamite assassin was an Almohad Moor of such skill that the Assamite clan violated its age-old precept against Embracing women to induct her into its ranks. The clan's trust was not misplaced; Fatima quickly became one of the Saracens's star operatives, slaying elders, anarchs, werewolves and mages alike. Her one weakness lies in her unique relationship with the Lasombra Lucita; they met on the battlefields of the Reconquista, and the two vampiresses have alternately been partners, lovers, rivals, and enemies down the centuries.

Fatima is one of the most deadly combatants alive or undead, standing out even among the Assamite clan. She is as swift as the desert wind, and her prowess with weapons of all sorts iOS legendary even among vampires, though she still prefers to decapitate her foes with an ancient Damascene scimitar. Her mastery of Obfuscate allows her to appear as anyone or anything, or to turn completely invisible, while her Quietus power enables her to use her blood as a toxin or corrosive agent. She is superhumanly strong and can instill supernatural terror in her foes. Through the years she has maintained her fiery love/hate relationship with Lucita; Fatima's clan honor has often forced her into conflict with the Lasombra, though the Moor has also occasionally appeared from nowhere to save Lucita from certain doom.

Fatima al-Faqadi