The Fire Civilization is shimmering deserts and rocky badlands, all surrounded by magma-belching volcanoes. In this blast-furnace land live brutish creatures with explosive personalities, raw power and high-explosive weaponry. Fire creatures don’t do a lot of planning, and do less negotiating, making Fire the most warlike civilization.

Fire is driven by the need to act now and think later. Other civilizations see Fire as impulsive, angry, barbaric, and out of control, but Fire knows that the key to winning is quickly acting on instinct.

The Fire Civilization is born in the bowels of the Earth, the heart of their kingdom is in a volcanic caldera. Primarily a destructive, warring civilization, whether friendly or not, the creatures tend to be loud, boisterous and vain. They are an over-the-top, passionate civilization.

The Fire Civilization utilizes volcano-like warships when going into battle which contain very destructive weapons.