This flight is an army of soldier-angels focus on the martial strength of the church. The flight's home is the Elgaud Grounds in Nephalia, although there are many Goldnight angels in Thraben. Elgaud Grounds is where the cathars are trained, and the angels are a daily presence in the young soldiers' lives. At the edge of Elgaud Grounds is an imposing stronghold on a rocky crest that overlooks the ocean. Part church and part fortress, it is called Engelturm. The soldier-angels dwell in a series of narrow spires and interconnecting chambers in the upper levels of Engelturm. These rooms are forbidden to all but Flight Goldnight.

Because it is centered in Nephalia, Flight Goldnight deals with necro-alchemists and their skaab creations more frequently than the other flights. The angels have developed a fierce determination to destroy every trace of the undead and their twisted creators. During Avacyn's absence, groups of skaab-hunting Goldnight angels became known as "hatchet squads" by the skaberen and human criminal elements. Each such group had a contingent of cathars, or holy warriors, who would hack up and burn the zombie corpses so they couldn't be revived again.

Any trials against heretics or criminals in the four provinces are presided over by a high priest, but an angel of Flight Goldnight always witnesses the proceedings. Angels are not present at executions, however. These are carried out by nameless executioners. Unlike angels from Flight Alabaster, the soldier-angels of Goldnight always travel armed. When a new cathar regiment is posted in a remote region of Kessig or Stensia, an angel accompanies them on their journey. Angels are unable to remain too long in Stensia because of the lack of wards in that area, however. Even after a couple of days in the province, an angel's resolve weakens dramatically.

Flight Goldnight angels are characterized by pragmatism and observance of church law. They are strategists in battle and skillful leaders during martial conflicts. Flight Goldnight angels consider their Alabaster sisters to be maudlin and susceptible to the emotional whims of the world. Flight Goldnight angels cultivate a more martial mindset, and are more than willing to take up arms when the need arises. Most Goldnight angels were steadfast—blindly so—in their denial that Avacyn had disappeared, in fact. She was on a mission, they insisted. She knew exactly what she was doing and would soon return.

This faith was rewarded with the shattering of the Helvault. Gisela's power not only returned, it increased dramatically. She was tasked with continuing the crusade against necromancers and their legions of undead, which she embraced with fervor and devotion.

The Host sings of Avacyn's return without a single verse about its own suffering. (Goldnight Redeemer)


Goldnight Redeemer