Fogtown is one of the three boroughs of Zelatar.

The poorest laborers of Azzagrat toil just out-side the scythe-topped walls of this moody neighborhood, harvesting colorless edible fungi from the featureless plains surrounding the city. Fogtown is a place ot slave gulags and rickety insane asylums, where hope is even more scarce than coin and violence lurks at the dark heart of every shadow.

Because rhe nature of the Triple Realm's 45th layer can make details difficult to remember, the city's inhabitants often use Fogtown as a rendezvous point or conrraband drop, reasoning that participants are automatically safer when they cannot remember each other's faces.

Fogtown connects to Gallenghast, the heart of Zelatar, by way of a vasr undermarket called the Queen's Causeway, named in honor of Zuggtmoy, Queen of Fungi. The gray, chalky fungus is Zelatar's primary food source, and the markets of the Queen's Causeway sell the usually tasteless stuff in a staggering array of flavors. Wide stairs at the south end of the market lead to Fogtown, while a much more well-traveled flight on the opposite side leads to Gallenghast.

The Queen's Causeway and nearly all buildings in Fogtown are currently threatened by a significant rat infestation, with a seemingly endless multitude thronging the streets and making life difficult for the inhabitanrs. The rats move ro the instructions of Raxivort, a goblinlike creature that once served as Graz'zt's Masrer of Slaves before breaking into the Dark Prince's secret vaults and making off with incalculable spoils. Enraged at this betrayal, Graz'zt has ordered Raxivort destroyed, bur the wily Night Flutterer has thus far eluded the Dark Prince's assassins.