One of the most prosperous and influential kingdoms of Lavato. With an army consisting of priesthoods, this kingdom's government is a delicate balance between the royals and the leaders of the Church. Under the leadership of the handsome young Solar Prince Verlaat, Folrart reached the heights of fame but also participated in the bloodiest wars the world had ever seen.

The Solar Kingdom of Folrart was founded as the seat of the Church of the True God, the most widespread religion in Lavato. It is known as one of the youngest and most influential kingdoms in the world.

The first king, Gazaeel, began as a knight and high council member of the Great Military Nation of Zabarie. At the time, it was one of the most powerful nations on Lavato. Gazaeel is legendary for his enthusiastic support of the Church of the True God.

The founding idea of the Church of the True God is that everyone who believes in God will be saved. This may seem too general, but for the devastated people of Lavato during that age, it struck a chord in their hearts and minds.

In no time, their number of followers began increasing in leaps and bounds. Gazaeel was a strong knight, but it is said that he still possessed a kind heart. Every time they went out to war and invaded another town, his heart cried out in pain. We know that the people worshiped Gazaeel as a great hero, and he became a symbol to the masses. It is also clear that a short time later, he established his own kingdom based on this popularity. The question is, how did this come to pass? Unfortunately, at this point we have yet to find any records detailing these events.

The actual objectives of the Church of the True God did not come to light until Solar Prince Verlaat's fall from grace as the "Fallen Sun." He reinvented himself as the Emperor of the Silver Sun and began his bloody campaign for world unification.

Forces of Folrart

Spear Knights serve as the Solar Kingdom's vanguard. It's said that their grim black armor serves as warning of their conviction in battle.

Spiked Shield Knights are a specialized division of knights from the Solar Kingdom. When they hurl the special shield they carry, it slashes the enemy to pieces. Their power and training allows them to cut down targets even if they are laden with armor.

Pegasus Knights are the knights of the flying cavalry of the Solar Kingdom. Each team of knights rides a special large Pegasus, called a Tenba. Because the knights always fight in pairs, they are very talented at coordinated attacks. Other elements of the flying cavalry use griffins. The full force of Folrart's flying cavalry was dispatched for the battle of the Holy Realm.

Light Magic Archers, led by Fistara, are elite archers who use magic arrows can wound the enemy or even heal allies.

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