It was a time when mankind wages wars with steel and arrows, on horse and on foot, with politics and poison. Science and technology were starting to become servants of men, while mysteries and magic were still not forgotten. The time when kingdoms and empires rose and fell, and all the creatures and beasts that would long be forgotten in myths and legends still roamed free on this world.

Long before mankind started to measure the time he traveled through and the sands of time flew adrift, something happened that would change the fates of us all. Something, or someone, touched the hourglass.

In the center of the world, on the lands that would later be called the cradle of life and civilization; three masters emerged. Three rulers, each different than the other; but each, still very much alike.

  • Mara, Lord of Esmergon; ruler of bright skies and open steppes; master of noble knights, brave horse lords and mighty griffins; leader of the White Cavalry that brought swift justice to the unholy.
  • Thengel, Red Shield; a fearsome warlord who crushed her enemies with fearless mercenaries, heavy shielded infantries and giant war elephants; ruling the scorched lands and endless deserts.
  • Khubera, the Black One; whom, with the power of his immortal assassins and sinister dragons that haunted the worst nightmares; held the lords of all the kingdoms in his grip, trembling in fear by just a whisper of his name.

We did not have any information about the coming of the three. But they were so powerful that their struggle tore down the skies, boiled the oceans, crushed the mountains and destroyed the plains.

Some claimed that this conflict was merely a shadow of an everlasting celestial war that covered the known universe. Some claimed that the three masters were just kings upon men, and their conflict was mortal. Others simply shrugged, and chose to claim nothing. While the ultimate truth about the three kings still remains a mystery, hints and clues about this age remained and were foretold as parts of myths and legends.

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