This structure sits on its own cog, and its spires and towers rise high into the void of Mechanus. The fortress is two miles in diameter, and some of its spires reach twice that height. Inevitables enforcing the “don't trespass” law patrol the parapets, keeping a vigilant eye out for fiendish infiltrators or colonizing formians.

A group of mortals from the Material Plane called the Fraternity of Order are the masters of the fortress. The members of the Fraternity of Order believe that if they can but tease forth every law of the cosmos, they will have the power of the deities. To that end, they built this stronghold on the plane of ultimate law.

A horde of clerks, functionaries, legal aides, translators, mathematicians, philosophers, and bureaucrats staff the Fortress of Disciplined Enlightenment. Most belong to the Fraternity of Order, though sometimes visitors are granted access to study at the vaunted libraries of the Fortress. The libraries extend through hundreds of rooms and hold tomes of legal volumes from all over the Great Wheel.

Within the fortress, their catalogues contains seemingly endless stacks of books and tomes, manuals and librams, each discussing or explaining some facet of natural or universal law - in effect, the source code of the multiverse. Once they have collated all of these laws, they believe they will hold the very same power of the deities who originally created the multiverse.

The Guvners do not mind allowing seekers of knowledge access to the libraries, but they are adamant that only the most learned and wise should gain access to the fortress’s greatest secrets, Whoever seeks access must debate the nature of the multiverse with a philosopher.

The Catalogs of Disciplined Enlightenment, as they are known, have formed a planar touchstone. For those who can pass its tests, the catalogues grant various abilities based upon their area of interest.