Sourh of Naratyr, the seemingly endless Frozen Sea extends far into rhe horizon, a frigid desert of icy wasteland capping unknown depths filled with hideous aquatic creatures seldom seen by the inhabitants of the plane. The ice extends for miles below the surface, and only a few ancient citadels built into rhe frozen shelf itself connect ro the ocean's watery depths. Some explorers among the Dustmen claim rhat the sea spans so far to the south that it eventually thaws and abuts the trans-layer Abyssian Ocean, but few who have set out to prove the theory have ever returned with their sanity (or lives) intact.

Here and there enormous ancient shipwrecks peak up from the biting plain, entombed in ice far Irom the shore. One such vessel, known as the Shadow, serves as an enclave tor Kiaransalee-worshiping drow and servitor beasts who wish to see Orcus humbled for his affront to their lady. The Shadow offers a debased sort of hospitality and safety from Orcus's forces, but the servants of Kiaransalee are every bit as debased as the demons and undead of Orcus, so the ship is hardly an ideal sanctuary.

Cities in Frozen Sea