The largest ot Zelatar's rhree neighborhoods is packed with the villas of demonic nobles and the markets of traders from every corner of the Great Wheel. Numerous inns and lodging houses of dubious character crowd the peripheries of vast market squares, Here and there, absent paving stones allow the natural light of the 46th layer of the Abyss to blast upward in vibrant towers of eerie luminescence, casting the neighborhood in moody lighting.

Visitors seeking a safe refuge often flock to Gallenghast's chapterhouse of rhe Planewalkers Guild, rhe rag-rag assembly that bases itself on the Infinite Staircase. The Staircase itself connects to a secluded doorway under an artist's studio in a deserted alleyway nearby. The artist, a sadistic ogre mage named Erballux Klint, specializes in making statues of actual corpses, their resin-hardened organs, veins, and flensed skin peeled back to reveal a riot of natural colotation. Klint is a member in good standing of rhe Planewalkers Guild, and a handful of his animated life-statues protect the door from unwanted explorers. Interlopers who are not members of the guild can access the door to the Infinite Staircase by donating an unusual specimen to his studio's "waiting chamber."

Places in Gallenghast

NameSite Type
Chosen's TabernacleTemple
Hollowfield Grounds