GameLore Wiki

The GameLore wiki has been designed to store information about different gaming topics - characters, creatures, places, and so forth. Before editing or creating content, please make sure you understand the structure of the wiki.

In the GameLore wiki, all pages are defined by their category. This is in contrast to a typical wiki, which uses categories as simple tags. Pages should also be created using templates - for each category, there is a template. The advantage for this design is that all pages for a particular category have the same layout. A page in the GameLore wiki should never have free-standing text (outside of the Gamelore namespace, that is).

The GameLore wiki is a semantic wiki. This means that the different fields and nuggets of information can be queried by other pages. For instance, the page for Angel shows a table with noted angels, and another table with subtypes and variants. These tables are automatically generated by querying other pages. By adhering to the design of the wiki, you can ensure that your pages will appear properly and be visible to these types of queries.

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