The mystical world of Garnath is a place of intense rivalry, where the inhabitants fight against each other - and their own planet - for survival. Not long ago, a wizard named Cadian was exploring a dark, winding cavern. There he found a legendary stone which held the elemental power of that cave. This first "elemental heart" gave Cadian enormous power - both to create and control creatures in battle and reshape the land around him.

But the elemental heart found by Cadian wasn't the only one that existed. Other wizards discovered that most forces in the world - from wind to snow to forest to lava to ocean - had such hearts. Soon the four tribes of Garnath - the Korune, Polarax, Zeduin and Metarok - began battling each other for these elemental hearts. And each tribe was quite determined to win.

With all four tribes warring over the elemental hearts - and the land itself - wizards able to control these powerful stones were also in great demand. To this very day, these elemental masters fight for their tribes with intense bravery. But they also fear that the power they unleash might drastically alter or destroy their world, if they don't find a way to keep their great power in check.

Even now, the core creatures of Garnath are mutating from the magic released by the hearts. The land itself is also changing. It's too soon to tell if Garnath, and the people who live there, will survive this epic battle.

"The elemental heart I found in that cave unlocked a world of power to all the people of Garnath. But it also unlocked a world of conflict. Which world we live in is ours to choose." -Cadian

"Resources are made for the taking. And we plan on taking the most." -the Copper King

Garnath is the setting for the Warstone game

Countries and Realms of Garnath

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