The garou are a race of wolf shape-shifters who serve as the warriors of Gaia in the World of Darkness. They tend to be powerful physically, but also have a spiritual side. Garou are capable of using magic (called Gifts), entering the Umbra (or spirit realm), and of course, shifting forms.

Garou have five different forms, ranging from wolf to human. Some garou are born as wolves, others as humans. Garou can breed with either wolf or human, but are neither.

The garou are divided into a number of tribes, each of which has its own culture and mindset. They also have roles according to the phase of the moon they are born under:

  • Ahroun (Warrior) - Full Moon
  • Galliard (Bard) - Gibbous Moon
  • Philodox (Judge/Advisor) - Half Moon
  • Theurge (Mystic/Shaman) - Crescent Moon
  • Ragabash (Rogue) - New Moon
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