Gatha showed remarkable prowess in increasing his subjects' stature. Their lifespans, however, were another matter. (Twisted Experiment)

Gatha survived as long as he did by giving all Keld's predators exactly what they wanted. (Covetous Dragon)

Toward the end, Gatha struggled to keep his experiments in and his patrons out. (Caltrops)

"The Keldons' ogre campaign provided more body parts than my meager facility could properly use." -Gatha, Tolarian renegade (Hulking Ogre)

"The academy educates; I employ. It's a perfect arrangement." -Gatha, Tolarian renegade (Treachery)

"Of course she's at the head of her class. All her classmates have disappeared." -Gatha, Tolarian renegade (Temporal Adept)

When Gatha fell, he was called to account for each abomination he created. (ther Sting)