Geddion is a shining example of High Elven devotion, fearlessly putting his life on the line for the good of his people. Entrusted by the priests of the Heirraman gods to collect the ancient artifacts of a previous age, Geddion has explored no fewer than a dozen dungeons throughout the eastern half of the Land, seeking to bolster the strength of the Rivvenheim armies. Having witnessed the recent defeat of the Knights Immortal forces at Stonekeep with his own eyes, Geddion will do anything necessary to raise the High Elves back to their vaunted state of superiority in the eyes of all lowlanders.

When Gervin the Loyal returned to the Rivvenheims with news of the Shyft's transformation, Geddion Longblade knew it was time to leave the dark of the dungeons for the battlefields of the Land. He has dedicated himself to war for the entirety of his long life, and now he seeks to demonstrate the superiority of his martial skills to the ill-bred lowlanders.