Giada Heartsworn, more colloquially known as Giada the Elegant, was the last of the mighty warriors to be defeated by the armies of Emperor Padamose and join the Swords of Great Justice.

A prodigy from birth, Giada came into her Seraphim at a remarkably young age. By leveraging the power of her Seraphim and personal charisma, she was able to unite the horse-bound people of Rimean plains before her 16th birthday. She ruled unopposed for a decade before Padamose turned his eye towards Rimea, and it would be another decade after first military contact before Giada would swear fealty to the Empire.

Despite a brief reign, Giada remains a folk hero and symbol of both Rimean unity and independence. Popular legends tend to focus on her tenacity and ability to survive impossible situations. Her death was “confirmed” and widely reported no less than seven times before her final death at the hands of the Demon Knight Geiseric.

A strain of messianic fervor still lives on in Rimean culture, anticipating the return of Giada.

Giada, the Elegant