Gladstein is part of the Mover Conspiracy, specializing in fringe science. They trade their knowledge with other Cells for wealth and political influence. They are arguably the most successful practitioners of Fringe sciences which prove invaluable to many of the secret factions within Al Amarja.

The Gladsteins' version of world domination is to cage humankind within a high-tech web of subliminal manipulation. Their insidious methods use mass media to make the populace more docile and easily led by subliminal messages. They have also stalled the exploration of space to protect their own operations there.

The Gladsteins have pioneered special procedures that insure the loyalty of their operatives, but other conspiracies have adopted them as well. They have also developed unique gear. For instance, the neuro-star sets up sympathetic neural vibrations that disable Kergillians. The vibro-blaster is a powerful two-handed weapon that even makes the wearer's teeth rattle.


Akio MorimotoHuman
Asha RayharHuman
Big MittsYeti
Cherri RobinsonHuman
Dev AshanaHuman
Fahd AmaqHuman
Marla OceanaHuman
Martin OumageHuman
Oil Pan AnnieHumanTinker
Randy RogersHuman
Sunshine AllarhaHuman
Umar HalleenCyborg
Veronica SellersAndroid
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