It's said that in the heart of Lorwyn's mountains lies a mystical valley known as Glen Elendra, and that vast treasures of magic are hidden there. Several attempts have been made to locate Glen Elendra, and although many deep valleys have been found and charted in the mountains, none match the descriptions from the legend. The suspicion is that powerful glamers protect the Glen from prying eyes; in fact, it could be that one of the empty valleys charted thus far actually is the Glen.

Protected by glamers and guile, Glen Elendra harbors the elusive Oona, queen of the fae. Deep in Glen Elendra blossoms Oona, queen of the faeries, nourished by secrets and pollinated by stolen dreams.

Some say the valley of Glen Elendra is mythical, and that rumors of its existence are nothing but a faerie prank. Others say it is the fae's most fiercely guarded secret.

Even treefolk witches steer clear of the unpredictable woods near Glen Elendra. Spells refract off the glamer-polished trees and the eyes of lurking pucas.

"So now you've seen Glen Elendra. Take a good look. It will be the last thing you'll ever see."

Glen Elendra