Glissa is a Viridian Elf living in the Tangle. She has an innate curiosity and a strange discomfort with the way her world is. She travels all across Mirrodin to satisfy her curiosity, and answer her nagging thought that this metal planet is wrong somehow.

Glissa is a rebellious troublemaker, questioning the elven traditions till the time when her entire home was destroyed. Obsessed with finding her parents' killer, she searched every inch of Mirrodin's metallic landscape, consumed with thoughts of vengeance.

She was the finest hunter and perhaps the most skilled warrior of the elves, living in the treetops with her people, high above the vicious web of predator and prey below. But when the levelers came, their safety was shattered utterly. Countless elves were slaughtered by the grotesque machines designed solely for killing. Glissa barely escaped with her life, dragged from the Tangle half-conscious, hanging on the claw of a damaged leveler.

The trolls of Tel-Jilad had tried to warn her, to protect her. They said the monstrosities were coming for her, and that she, above all others, needed to live. How did they know what was to come? Who sent the levelers to kill her, and why? These questions would lead her on a journey through Mirrodin and toward a mystery greater than she never imagined.

During her travels, Glissa finds the legendary Sword of Kaldra.

One of the secrets of Mirrodin that Glissa Sunseeker learns is that the world is hollow. Contained within that mysterious center is an inner sun of pure green mana, which ultimately escapes the core to join the other suns in Mirrodin's sky.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't restrain the beast's smell." -Glissa Sunseeker (Arrest)

"This world reeks of another's hand. Someone or something is defying the power of the gods and shaping this planet. I intend for it to stop." -Glissa Sunseeker

"Let everything return to its true nature, so that destiny may take its course." (Tempest of Light)

"There's a secret at the heart of this world, and I will unlock it." (Glissa Sunseeker)

"I used to joke that he had been exiled for being too smart. Now I know why he never laughed." -Glissa Sunseeker (Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer)

"I would never have believed that on a world with four suns there could exist a place so dark." -Glissa Sunseeker (Dross Prowler)

As Glissa searches for the truth about Memnarch, Bosh searches to unearth the secrets buried deep in his memory. (Bosh, Iron Golem)

"This world reeks of another's hand. Someone or something is defying the power of the gods and shaping this planet. I intend for it to stop." -Glissa Sunseeker (Tempest of Light)

Glissa the Traitor

She was once the finest hunter in the Tangle, but her destiny led her to be the target of Memnarch, the one-time guardian of the plane. Memnarch believed he could use Glissa to gain a planeswalker spark for himself, and would stop at nothing to engineer that eventuality. Glissa managed to thwart Memnarch's plans, but then she disappeared without a trace.

Meanwhile, Glissa's former allies, the other elves of the Tangle, believed she played a role in Memnarch's attacks on the Tangle and the destruction at the Radix. With Glissa gone, they were unable to hear her side of those misfortunes, and her good name became sullied. Over time, the elves took to blaming more and more of their misfortunes on the absent Glissa. When Memnarch's soul traps activated, most of those who knew of Glissa's heroism disappeared, and the elves had yet another catastrophe to blame on the former hero. They called her Glissa the Traitor, and the name stuck.

Glissa retreated back into Mirrodin's core. There she encountered a small army of tiny constructs, and they carried her down into the core's depths. The machines kept her safe and sound - but unconscious. Time passed. Meanwhile, the Phyrexian oil within the core of Mirrodin grew and spread. Glissa's presence in the core caused her to be corrupted along with everything else with which the oil came into contact. The Praetor Vorinclex compleated the former elf hero, taking her as a powerful ally in the siege to come. When the time was right, she would be unleashed.

The savior of the plane, who was once misleadingly called Glissa the Traitor, is now genuinely a traitor to her former principles. She has become a powerful arm of Phyrexia's green-aligned faction, but with a cruel, selfish twist. She once saved this world; as it turned out, she seems to have saved it for her new, darkly ambitious incarnation - or for her new masters.

Glissa's power developed during the years she refers to as "the Deadlock," when Phyrexia was confined to the inner core of the planet. Glissa was opposed to waiting until Phyrexia had the forces to wage a full-scale assault. She thought waiting was a sign of weakness. Instead, Glissa believed the Phyrexians should immediately move to the surface and begin converting and/or killing the Mirrans and changing them into full-scale Phyrexian predators.

Even before Phyrexia's attack on the surface began, Glissa sent her enforcer-beasts on killing missions into the Tangle. They were among the first to set up nodes of control on the surface and by the time hordes of Phyrexians emerged from the core, the forest of Mirrodin was firmly under her control.

Glissa's goal is to create a system where the strongest and deadliest will dominate. Her faction opposes anything that would prevent that from happening. There are few hierarchical orders in the Tangle. There are distinct roles and niches, but little in the way of an organized system of governance. Any attempts at a societal structure are ruthlessly eliminated by Glissa and her enforcer-beasts. Predatory instinct is the highest value, and there is no need for any ambition or sense of self. Domination of the strongest is all that matters in the Tangle now.

Although Glissa is the de facto leader of the Tangle, she refuses to identify herself as such. Glissa believes that a predator's natural instincts are far superior to any intellectual capabilities. She creates sentient beasts only to aid in her mission, and she extols the state of "instinctual ignorance." Eventually, she intends for the Phyrexianized elves and Sylvok to rid themselves of sentience, forget language, and remove independent thought.

Glissa's believes in "natural evolution" and less controlled development. She thinks that the vat priests and other "architects" are meddling too much with adaptation and survival, taking the innate strength and power out of their designs. There is too much "nurturing," and not enough reliance on power and instinct.

"The other praetors cower in the dark and mince words with their false king. Come, Vorinclex, let us split the ribcage of this pitiable world and unleash its fearsome heart." -Glissa

"If it were fit to survive, it wouldn't have been so easily put down." -Glissa (Glissa's Scorn)

"Wipe Sheoldred's spies from the sky. She'll see the result of our vision soon enough." -Glissa (Corrosive Gale)

"So, the survivors from Oxid Ridge are on the move. Let them come and witness predation in its purest form." -Glissa (Glissa's Courier)

"Even a nuisance such as the pistus fly has a purpose in our new world." -Glissa (Pistus Strike)

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