A muscular mage from the Underneath. He is somewhat full of himself, but has a weak spot for baby creatures.

"The walls tremble at my... aww, look, a baby bisiwog."

"Wow, that makes my heart go boom-boom! I'm all excited to start the fight!" (Crag Quor)

"I'm the king of spades! The Shovel'n Man! The Spademaster! Mr. Diggalicious! The Boss of Burrow!"

"Talk to the spade..." (Gogor's Spade)

"Why do you keep asking me that? Of course I can dig it." -Gogor, to Yaki

"Everybody, relax. I'm here. Where exactly is here, again?" (Sarazen Keeper)

"Finally! A tool worthy of the mighty Gogor!" (Kiesel's Hammer)

"Are you rrrrready to rrrrrumble?" (Thunderquake)