"The dust beneath our feet was once part of a mighty civilization. Shall we too provide the path for a future generation?" -Sensei Golden-Tail (Feast of Worms)

"Beware the blade of dishonor. It kills more silently than war, more quickly than age." -Sensei Golden-Tail (Numai Outcast)

"The two youths argued and tempers flared. One youth opened his mouth to utter a vile curse, but what he spat out instead was a kami of poison and filth." -Sensei Golden-Tail (Bile Urchin)

"Put a spear in a peasant's hands, and you have an expendable troop. Put a purpose in his heart, and you win a warrior." -Sensei Golden-Tail (Vigilance)

"There is a shining in the mortal heart that even the kami cannot reach." -Sensei Golden-Tail

For those who reach enlightenment, violence is an unnecessary distraction. (Heart of Light)

"The sun kami is terrible to behold. When its temper flares, best seek shade and pray for forgiveness." -Sensei Golden-Tail (Terashi's Cry)